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    Best Players in Georgia Attend Georgia All Star Game

    Dodd verbals to Lander University

    10/07/2014, 5:15pm EDT
    By Staff

    Mason Dodd verbals to Lander

    Super Camp Dec. 6 & 7 St. Simons Island

    10/03/2014, 3:00pm EDT
    By Staff

    Get Your Name on the Big Board! Best Camp Showcase in Georgia!

    What you need to know about recruiting

    09/24/2014, 9:30am EDT
    By Staff

    Let us get you placed


    From: Baseball Scoutz <info@baseballscoutz.com>
    Subject: Senior Recruiting Tips
    Reply: info@baseballscoutz.com

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    Wesley Jones
    I'm a Senior what now?

    You've been playing the game you love all of your life and now you are in the fall of your senior year of high school and have not been offered a scholarship. What do you do now?

    First of all don't hit the panic button. It's not too late to get an opportunity to play at the next level. It may not be the D1 dream you have always had but there are options. In the following segments we will discuss how to be ready to be

    Be Realistic about your options
    If NCAA Division I schools have not been in contact with you personally at this point then it is very likely that your not on their radar or your abilities are not at that level. We are not talking about getting a generic camp invite but actually having multiple conversations with coaches at this stage and an offer or roster spot has been offered.
    Okay so I have not been offered DI, what do I do?
    1. Put together a video clip of you hitting or pitching. This is not a big recruiting tool for baseball decisions but is a starting point and door opener for you.
    2. Contact some Junior Colleges and DII schools of interest to see when they have a workout or camp you can attend or attend a private camp hosted by Scoutz or other groups.
    3. Get your transcripts and NCAA clearinghouse information in hand to send to schools especially if it is an high academic institution and you fit that profile.
    4. Play in events where at least 3 or 4 schools will be in attendance. This helps even if those schools don't recruit you. If you play well word travels quickly.
    5. Have your High School and travel Coach call schools that fit your ability. Do not have them waste a call to an SEC school. If that is your goal start think Junior College route. The D1 boys are finished with this graduation class by now.
    6. If your high academic and just an average high school player then you need to call NCAA DIII schools. Junior Colleges have very talented players do not get fooled. This week I saw 4 JC games and all RHP's were 88-93 MPH. There is no disrespect for DIII if you love the game and want to continue to play then that is a viable option.
    7. Have a private company give you a true evaluation. That's my only problem with the Perfect Game stuff. They sugar coat evaluations and College coaches tend to ignore their reports. Get an honest evaluation even if it hurts a little. This way you can pursue realistic schools.
    8. Don't stop keep hammering. Stay out in front of folks. The more they see a less toolsy guy the more the can get a read on a fit for their respective program. Stay out in the forefront do not hide.
    9. Be prepared to take a walk on roster spot. This is a good option. Just because your not on scholarship doesn't mean your not a good player. Find a team that will put you on the roster and go earn playing time along with scholarship money.


     Since 1998 we have been the leader in Georgia
    We know that many programs get a lot of "National Hype" but what does that mean to you. What you want is someone that will assess your abilities and try to match you up with schools that fit your academics and playing ability. We are the experts in the field of placing young men in the right situations. Call Roger 706 833 3394 and let me help you get your recruiting program in gear. It's not too late for seniors just let us break down your game and promote you to the right schools or set up a program to improve your skill sets so that you become more marketable.
    If you need an evaluation call us. We can set up a workout and grade your skill level and give you an honest opinion.
    We feel like we have a solid scouting system in place and colleges trust our opinion because we do not sugar coat the facts. We will give the college hard scores on 60 Times, Arm Strength, Bat Speed, and our personal opinion on defense, hitting mechanics, strength, playing ability and make up. You provide academic information and video clips to complete the presentation.

    The Unsigned Senior Games are a great choice for those wanting to continue in college baseball. We will have every JC in GA and some FL and AL schools attending. For $175.00 you will get the hard scores of 60 times, Arm Strength, bat speed, Velo on mound and our opinion of your game. Plus it as been as highly recruited event for Seniors for 7 years that this state has to offer.
     Click link to left to Register

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    3 Star Hitters GA All Star

    09/10/2014, 7:45pm EDT
    By Staff

    Group of very good hitters at event Mahlon Williams Statesboro

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    Blake Cooper University of South Carolina

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