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BIG BOARD Player Rankings

Player Rankings

Incredible Scouting information

Our Staff has worked tirelessly to provide you with very accurate scouting reports and personal information on all athletes in this program. We have viewed and carefully scouted each player ourselves.   We are constantly updating information and adding new players to our collection. email to discuss any player in person. All of our reports and notes are put together by MLB Scouts or veteran college coaches. No interns writing reports here.


Clint Frazier Loganville High our #1 Rated 2013 Player

6 Stars Top 5 Round Draft Pick

5 Stars  These players will be definite 6-15 round draft picks. These are guys that have plus pro tools in 3 areas or more. No doubt draft players

4 Stars  These players will have 2 or less pro tools but really play the game at a high level. We think these players will be NCAA Division I caliber athletes. Later than 15th Round Draft Picks

3 Stars  We see these players as fringe DI and solid NCAA Division II players.

2 Stars Fringe DII/ DIII Player

1 Star  Average High School Player.

Every so often you may see six stars we think these kids are top two round no doubters and will never see college baseball.