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Match Maker

Match Maker System

Match Maker

Our Match Maker System takes a lifetime of participating in this industry and uses that energy to help place you with a college. Here's how we help solve your problem.

First we evaluate your video clips

Second once we analyze your clips we start marketing your skills to the appropriate college

Third we will make the calls and set up places for your workouts or visits and find the right fit for your academic ability and athletic ability.

You have been attending camps, playing games and showcases for the last three years. We are here to solve your problem We are recruiting experts with a  lifetime in the industry. Email your clips or text. You can load them on our You Tube at Baseball Scoutz. We will process your tape and get you a place to play. Also, keep in mind the Prep School option it is a very good option to play in that arena to gain experience vs. college teams.

Our system works. $189.00 gets you started or call 706 833 3394

As a Bonus we are going to sign you up for the Ultimate Recruiting Tool a $79.00 value!!

That's how serious we are about helping you get to the Next Stage!

You Tube: Baseball Scoutz


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