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Welcome to our Tourney Landing Page

Baseball Scoutz has been hosting high level events since 1998. We were the first to televise youth baseball in the State of Georgia and Florida back in 2000. We continue our pride in providing the top rated, most efficient produced events in the South.

Here's what you get at our events:

All Games at Stadium location

NO Time Limits (full 7 inning games)

Infield Before Game 1 of your event

We provide Baseballs

High level officiating

Coolers in dugouts

Scoreboard working


and now Live Streaming with our Scoutz broadcasting live games.

Join us in 2018 for the best tournament experience for your teams.



We will play by NCAA Rules with the following exceptions:

High School Substitution Rules (re-entry)

DH for any player not just pitcher

EH treated as a position

High School courtesy runner rule

7 Inning Games no time limit

Run Rules 12 after 3, 8 after 5 innings of play

Wood Bats or Composite

Pro Visits to Mound

2018 Baseball Scoutz Invitational 17U

Pool A

East Cobb Yankees

Scoutz USA Red

Big Stix Gamers Select

Black Crackers Baseball

Pool B

East Cobb Colt .45

Big League Express

Scoutz USA Blue

Big Stix Gamers Prime


July 7th

Game 1

Scoutz USA Blue vs. Big Stix Gamers Prime

Big Stix Gamers In/out 8:30

Scoutz USA Blue In/out 8:40

Game 9AM

Game 2

Scoutz USA Red vs. Big Stix Gamers Select

Scoutz USA Red In/Out 11:30

Big Stix In/Out 11:40

Game Noon

Game 3

East Cobb Yankees vs. Black Crackers Baseball

2:30 EC in/out

2:40 Black Crackers in/out

Game 3PM

Game 4

East Cobb Colt .45s vs. Big League Express

5:30 EC in/out

5:40 Big League in/out

6PM Start