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Scoutz USA Team

Charlie Blackmon 2004 NL All Star NL Batting Champion 2017

Brandon Cumpton 2004, 2005 MLB Pittsburgh Pirates

Nick Sandlin 2014 1st Team NCAA All America

Garrett Wilkinson 2008-2013

Kal Simmons 2009, 2010, 2011 NCAA All American Drafted AZ 8th RD

Brooks Brown 2000, 01,02 1st Round 2006 MLB Colorado Rockies

Luis Campusano 2014,15,16 2nd Round 2017

Larry Green 2009, 2010 1st Round 2011

Connor Hoover 2011,2012,2013 Seattle Mariners

Curtis Terry 2014 Drafted Texas Rangers

Jonathan Broxton 2000, 2001 NL All Star LA Dodgers

Macay McBride 1999,2000 1st Round 2001 MLB Atlanta Braves, Detroit Tigers

Aaron Shipman 2008, 2009, 2010 3rd Round 2011

Blake Cooper 2004, 2005, 2006 USC National Champion

Aaron Mizell 2010,2011 Drafte Houston Astros

Brandon Durden 2002 Drafted 3rd Round Colorado Rockies


Curtis Terry Texas Rangers 2014 Team

What started in 1998 as a mission to assist local kids in Statesboro,GA with achieving their dreams of playing college baseball has developed over the last two decades as one of the top programs in the USA. The Statesboro A's got it all started back then with a tough, hard-nosed group of local talent that turned into what we see today. Back then travel baseball was in it's infancy and only the best of the best even attempted to compete. Our 2000 team featured several kids that ended up with great professional career. Macay McBride 1st Rounder Atlanta Braves spent 2 years in the Majors before injuries shortened a stellar career. Jonathan Broxton 2nd Rounder has spend the last 12 years in the Major Leagues including being selected to the NL ALL Star Team and the USA Team. Brooks Brown attended UGA before being taken in the 1st Round and is still pitching in the Major Leagues. National League Batting Champion Charlie Blackmon played on a very good 2004 team. Four more players would make the major leagues and even one in the NFL over the next decade. There were 91 others that played minor league baseball this list is too long. The core belief of being mentally tough and pushing yourself to the brink has paid off for hundreds of former players. 742 Wins 216 losses and 3 National Titles later we now are embarking on a new project with our Scoutz USA Team.

Scoutz USA is focusing on creating a true "TEAM FIRST" environment. What we have discovered is that as travel ball has evolved into what we see today the individual overrides the team. College coaches are spending so much time trying to get kids to understand that being part of a team is something greater than the individual. Players hit the campus and don't understand what being a teammate really means. SCOUTZ USA is a TEAM. We are going to work, practice, travel and compete together. We are going to sacrifice our own accolades for the betterment of the TEAM. We are playing to win because colleges and professional teams want kids from winning programs. We want to teach our players how to be winners on the field and off the field. We want you to consider this options because we truly believe it's the best way to train our players into being collegiate and professional players. Most of all we want to develop better people that understand that hard work and mental toughness will get you along way through life no matter your endeavors.

101 MLB Draft Picks

5 Major Leaguers

2 MLB All Stars

459 NCAA Players

Adidas Program Team